Wilmington mayoral race may have crowded field

By The Hill staff , The Hill

•BUSINESS. The Bridge Street Group is lobbying for the Protect Trade Secrets Coalition, a group of companies working to defend trade secrets property. The effort is run out of law and lobby firm Covington & Burling. Former Republican congressional staffer Jason Scismm is working on the account for the Bridge Street Group. The Protect Trade Secrets Coalition membership includes many blue-chip corporations, including Procter & Gamble, Nike, Microsoft, General Electric and Eli Lilly. The Bridge Street Group also recently filed lobbying registration paperwork for BSA Business Software Alliance to work on trade-secret issues for the group.


In recently disclosed lobbying reports, J Street, a left-leaning Jewish advocacy group, hired Ruggerio Willson & Associates to lobby in support of the Iran nuclear deal negotiated with the United States and five other countries. At the Delaware-based firm, Jordan Seemans, Rhett Ruggerio and Kim Willson are working on the account.

The registration forms are dated Aug. 10, and Delaware Sens. Tom Carper (D) and Chris Coons (D) announced their support for the deal on Aug. 28 and Sept. 1, respectively. Rep. John Carney, another Democrat from Delaware, said last week that he supported the deal.

• TRADE. A bipartisan team of lobbyists at The Wessel Group is lobbying for the National Hay Association, a trade group representing companies that produce and transport so-called forage products, which includes hay and straw. The firm will be working to address “market access barriers facing exports of U.S. forage products.” A report from last year by the Washington state Department of Agriculture outlined some of the problems faced by forage product producers and transporters, including a 9 percent tariff placed on U.S. hay exported to China. Furthermore, the country — which is the fourth-largest export market for hay — only allows the import of alfalfa hay from the U.S. The report argues that producers would be better served if other grass, hay or straw products could be allowed into the market.

• ENERGY. US Wind, Inc. hired High Street Strategies to work on its behalf. The company is concerned with policies related to offshore wind energy, including the efforts, proposed in recent appropriations bills, to slash wind technology subsidies.

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